Update: Kate Middleton’s health update coincides with a challenging decision for Prince William…

Update on Kate Middleton’s Recovery from Abdominal Treatment at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace has provided an update on Kate Middleton’s recuperation, weeks after her discharge from the hospital following abdominal treatment. Sources report that Middleton is “doing well” as she continues to rest at home, now 13 days post-operation.

However, the specifics of Middleton’s condition that led to the medical procedure have not been disclosed by the Royal Family, and it remains uncertain if they will be in the future.

Official updates on Middleton’s health have been sparse, leaving room for speculation that might have otherwise been avoided. Among the stories refuted by Kensington Palace was one by Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, who sensationally claimed that Middleton had been placed in a coma after surgery.

The Royal Family vehemently dismissed this story and has since stated that Middleton is progressing well. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that Middleton will not be available for royal engagements until after Easter.

In a separate announcement this morning, Kensington Palace disclosed that Prince William would miss a memorial ceremony for the late King Constantine of Greece due to a “personal matter.” The Palace swiftly added that Middleton is “doing well,” possibly in an attempt to quell speculation before it spreads.

According to sources, William was scheduled to participate in the reading at King Constantine’s ceremony in St George’s Chapel but notified the Greek family that he would be unable to attend. Additionally, King Charles, currently undergoing cancer treatment, will also be absent from the funeral, leaving Queen Camilla to lead the Royal Family members at the event.

Today’s announcement regarding Middleton’s health is likely to be welcomed by royal enthusiasts worldwide. However, the lack of detailed information from the Palace has fueled ongoing speculation. Just yesterday, a Spanish journalist suggested that Middleton’s recovery was not progressing well following reports of her hiring a private assistant.

“The British royal household’s actions have been ambiguous,” journalist Aurelio Manzano commented. “On one hand, they leak information about Middleton hiring a private secretary, implying she is active at home, but on the other hand, there are no images to confirm this. Until evidence is provided, speculation will persist.”

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