This Chinese Girl Keeps a Special Diet to Weigh 44 lbs and You Will Not Believe Only What She Eats…

This young lady possesses an uncanny resemblance to a fragile porcelain doll, giving pause to those who consider touching her, fearing they might cause irreparable harm.

Her compatriots in China are mesmerized by her presence, departing from their usual open-mindedness when encountering someone of such extraordinary allure.

Known only as “Alien,” she veils herself in secrecy, revealing little about her personal life while ensnaring the public’s attention through her social media presence.

Despite her reserved demeanor, one fact remains clear: she is merely sixteen years old.

Speculation swirls around her upbringing, suggesting she hails from a privileged background, as evidenced by her frequent flaunting of luxury cars, designer attire, and exquisite jewelry on various social media platforms.

Recently, Alien provided glimpses into her otherworldly physique, attributing her lightweight build to a diet exclusively comprising pollen and honey, which has kept her weight at a mere twenty kilograms.

However, despite her slender frame, she boasts a notably tall stature, a departure from the typical height of Chinese women, surprising many of her followers.

Upon closer inspection of her photographs, keen observers noticed discrepancies, such as a “floating” interior, hinting at skillful Photoshop manipulation and casting doubt on the authenticity of her depicted physique.

While speculation abounds regarding the genuineness of her appearance, concrete evidence remains elusive, fostering hope that someone close to her will eventually shed light on her true identity.

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