2000s rapper P. Diddy posted a rare photo showing all seven of his kids from different mothers…

The 52-year-old rapper, renowned for hits like “I’ll be missing you,” is not only known for his music but also for his romantic relationships: Sean Jones Combs, famously known as P. Diddy, has had four long-term partners throughout his life, and those are just the ones that have come to light.

The 2000s rap star, P. Diddy, recently shared a rare snapshot featuring all seven of his children from various relationships, showcasing his deep bond with his family.

A true romantic, the musician aimed to extend his love by welcoming children with each of his significant partners, resulting in a total of seven offspring: six biological and one adopted.

Despite his stern image, P. Diddy is known to be an exemplary father, frequently dedicating time to his children and sharing these cherished moments with his fans on social media platforms like Instagram.

However, orchestrating a gathering with all of his children is no easy feat. Recently, the multi-father succeeded in achieving this milestone, and naturally, he couldn’t resist capturing the heartwarming moment.

In the snapshot, four daughters and three sons of the rapper pose amidst lush tropical foliage. The youngest, 5-month-old Love, is cradled by 17-year-old Chance, while 16-year-old twins D’Lila Star and Jesse James stand close by.

The girls, except for the youngest, sport matching outfits, while the older boys, 24-year-old Christian, 29-year-old Justin, and 30-year-old Quincy, opt for white T-shirts, deviating from the collective black attire.

In the background, a beaming father proudly grins from ear to ear, epitomizing the joy of fatherhood.

Accompanying the photo is a simple yet heartfelt caption: “Nothing else matters. I love you.” It was indeed a picture-perfect, impromptu celebration of Father’s Day for the esteemed hip-hop artist.

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