Angelina Jolie persistently criticizes Brad Pitt and refuses to give him space as her former husband…

In the late 2000s, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were one of Hollywood’s most celebrated and attractive couples.

However, Angelina Jolie continues to criticize Brad Pitt and refuses to leave her former spouse alone.

Their relationship appeared to be one that would not end on a sour note. Yet, in 2016, the actress unexpectedly filed for divorce from Pitt, initiating a lengthy custody battle over their six children.

It wasn’t until May of the following year that Pitt finally secured joint custody. The court ruled in his favor.

Nevertheless, the legal disputes between the former spouses persist. They are currently addressing matters concerning Jolie’s sale of her stake in Château Miraval.

Moreover, the custody arrangements are reportedly still unresolved, with the actress possibly considering an appeal.

Meanwhile, online observers are questioning Jolie’s motives for making life difficult for her ex-husband.

According to sources cited by The Post, Jolie is unwilling to agree to joint custody despite the court’s ruling.

“She will never allow him free access to the children,” stated one insider.

“Many believe she won’t relent until all their children reach adulthood,” added a friend of Pitt’s, who also predicts that the conflict between the exes is far from over.

“She continues to target Brad relentlessly. She even sold her stake to a buyer Pitt least favored,” concluded the actor’s friend.

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