Despite the 29-year age gap, Kate Moss and her daughter appear remarkably similar, almost like sisters, as they feature together in a chic campaign…

Renowned models have come together to introduce a stylish new campaign for Fendi’s Peekaboo handbag collection, blending timeless elegance with emerging talent.

Kate Moss, accompanied by her daughter from former husband Jefferson Huck, Leela, graced the campaign with sophistication and poise.

In the campaign, Kate and Leela were dressed in chic muted ensembles, exuding sophistication in snug light coffee-colored sweaters.

Both mother and daughter wore a similar natural makeup look, enhancing their inherent beauty with caramel eyeshadows, a subtle blush palette, and nude lipstick.

Their flowing blonde locks cascaded over their shoulders, with stylists opting for minimal jewelry and accessories to preserve the authenticity of the images.

In alternate shots, Kate wore a white sweater paired with black trousers, while Leela showcased a youthful take on the contrasting outfit, featuring a slender strappy top and a form-fitting skirt with a sheer hemline.

The duo also flaunted stylish outerwear, with Kate in a grey and blue trench coat and Leela in a sleek black dress.

Observers couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Kate and her daughter, with many commenting on Leela’s remarkable likeness to her famous mother.

Despite occasional comparisons and allegations of nepotism, Leela has forged her own path in the fashion industry, joining her mother’s agency at 15 and securing prestigious campaigns and runway opportunities.

These include collaborations with Marc Jacobs Beauty, Miu Miu, YSL, Pepe Jeans, and others. Leela’s burgeoning success is evident in her tripled earnings within a year, as reflected in the accounts of her own company, Grace Grove Ltd.

Her thriving career as a fashion model foreshadows a promising future in the industry.

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