This 98-year-old woman reunites with her daughter for the first time in 80 years after being separated… Watch the emotional moment here!

Gerda Cole was gifted with an extraordinary and deeply poignant present for her 98th birthday – the chance to reunite with her daughter after an astonishing 80-year separation.

This remarkable reunion, which took many by surprise, was made possible through the determined efforts of Stephen, Gerda’s grandson and the son of her long-lost daughter, Sonya.

The journey towards this emotional reunion began during the pandemic when Stephen, driven by the desire to resolve some citizenship matters, embarked on a quest to locate his mother’s biological parents.

Despite Sonya’s own fruitless attempts to find her birth parents, Stephen’s relentless pursuit eventually led him to his grandmother, Gerda, who was residing in a nursing home in Canada.

The discovery unearthed a deeply moving backstory – Gerda, a Jewish immigrant who had fled England for Austria during World War II at the tender age of 18, had been compelled by her circumstances to relinquish her daughter for adoption.

This decision was not made lightly but was borne out of the harsh realities of wartime upheaval and Gerda’s inability to provide for a child in her situation.

For Sonya, the revelation of her mother’s existence was met with a flood of emotions, prompting her to make the immediate journey from England to Canada to be present for Gerda’s milestone birthday celebration.

Despite the enormity of the occasion and the questions swirling in her mind, Sonya approached the reunion with a mixture of hope and trepidation, mindful of the complexities that lay ahead.

The long-awaited meeting between mother and daughter was an emotional whirlwind, filled with tears, laughter, and shared reminiscences. As they exchanged stories and discovered unexpected similarities, it became evident that their bond transcended the decades of separation.

For Gerda, the reunion was a moment of profound joy and gratitude. She expressed heartfelt appreciation to Stephen and Sonya for orchestrating the reunion, acknowledging the significance of this long-overdue connection in her twilight years.

In the wake of this extraordinary reunion, Gerda and Sonya embarked on a journey of rediscovery, each eager to explore the newfound relationship that had been forged after a lifetime of separation.

And as they embraced the opportunity to create new memories together, they found solace and fulfillment in the enduring power of love and family.

Here is the video:

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