Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, weds his 34-year-old bride Firerose, sparking fan anger over a small thing…

Billy Ray Cyrus recently tied the knot with his bride, Firerose, marking the culmination of a journey that began in 2022 when they initiated a formal relationship.

Opting for a discreet ceremony, the couple exchanged vows after Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus filed their third divorce petition in April 2022, concluding their 28-year marriage.

Billy Ray found love again with Firerose, an Australian artist, and they publicly announced their engagement in November 2022.

Their relationship actually traces back over a decade, with a pivotal moment occurring thirteen years ago during Firerose’s audition for a role in Hannah Montana.

It was then that Billy Ray and Firerose first crossed paths, with Billy Ray recalling the moment with fondness.

Despite Firerose not securing the role, Billy Ray introduced her to several industry insiders, setting the stage for a lasting friendship that eventually blossomed into romance.

Their journey to marriage accelerated following Billy Ray’s divorce earlier this year, and Firerose moved in with him in August 2022, shortly after he proposed.

Their wedding, held a few months after Billy Ray’s ex-wife Tish remarried, was attended by their children, Brandi, Trace, Braison, Noah, and Miley Cyrus, along with Firerose’s two children and two of her new husband’s children.

However, amidst the joyous occasion, some fans couldn’t help but comment on Billy Ray’s hair, criticizing its disheveled appearance in wedding photos shared on social media.

While some questioned why he didn’t comb or brush his hair for the occasion, others speculated on the factors influencing his haircut choice.

The scrutiny surrounding Billy Ray Cyrus’s wedding hair highlights the public’s curiosity about even the minutest details of celebrities’ lives. What’s your take on Billy Ray’s wedding hair?

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