British Boy Band Captivates Audience, Earns Golden Buzzer with Electrifying Rock Power-Ballad Performance…

“Amanda Holden has had quite a journey since her debut on a TV dating show back in 1991. While her breakthrough role came in 2002 on BBC1’s Cutting It, she’s now best known as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, a role she’s held since 2007.

During a recent interview on Heart Radio’s “Heart Breakfast,” the topic naturally turned to BGT. Amanda couldn’t help but gush about one of her favorites, the boyband Chapter 13, expressing confidence in their potential to win the show.

She even jokingly warned her social media followers that she’d be talking about them non-stop and rallying the nation’s support.

Lucy Horobin, standing in as co-host, teased, “Next thing you know, she’ll be managing them.”

Amanda playfully responded, “That’s a good idea. I’ll beat Cowell to it!”

In their latest BGT performance, Chapter 13, consisting of four talented teenagers, delivered a stellar performance.

With three guitarists and a drummer, they impressed both the audience and judges with a medley of Stevie Wonder’s hits. Amanda, in particular, was blown away by their cohesion and talent, showering them with praise.

Unexpectedly, Amanda hit the Golden Buzzer, sending the boys straight through to the live shows amidst cheers and confetti. The band, visibly stunned, shared a “pinch me” moment on stage as they basked in the excitement.

Amanda joined Chapter 13 on stage, her yellow satin dress almost blending in with the golden confetti—a fitting symbol, perhaps, of her belief in their potential to win the show.”

Here is the video:

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