Stars from “Wild Angel” then and now: Check out how the beloved series couple has changed over time…

Fans of the beloved series “Wild Angel” were overjoyed when the cast members reunited after many years since the show’s conclusion.

This romantic drama had captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, with families eagerly awaiting each episode to immerse themselves in the captivating lives and love story of the main characters.

The series also left a lasting impression with its memorable soundtrack, especially the song “Cambio Dolar” by N. Oreiro, which became a global sensation.

Adding to the excitement was the real-life romance between the lead actors, which further fueled interest in the show.

However, their off-screen relationship was short-lived and eventually ended in a breakup, much to the disappointment of fans who had hoped for a fairy-tale ending.

Among the standout performances was that of F. Arana, who portrayed the charming lead character with aplomb, winning over the hearts of millions of viewers.

However, some fans now comment that despite being only 50 years old, he appears older than his age, perhaps due to the toll of time and the rigors of life in the spotlight.

Despite any aging concerns, F. Arana has found happiness in his personal life. He is currently married to Maria Susini, with whom he shares a daughter born in 2008 and twins born in 2010, bringing joy and fulfillment to their family.

Meanwhile, Natalia’s romantic journey took a different turn. After a six-year relationship with P. Eccari that ended in 2000, she found love again with R. Mollo.

Their love story culminated in a modest yet romantic wedding ceremony aboard a yacht off the coast of Brazil in 2001, marking the beginning of a new chapter in Natalia’s life.

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