The Voice judges are taken aback when they hear the immense depth of this 14-year-old’s voice, suspecting it to be a prank at first…

The blind auditions on The Voice consistently deliver surprises for the judges, and one such memorable moment occurred when Jacob Norton, a fourteen-year-old from Colchester, Essex, took the stage.

Despite his tender age and imposing stature, Jacob’s audition left everyone astounded. Singing “Puttin’ On the Ritz,” his deep, resonant voice exuded a level of maturity far beyond his years, eliciting astonishment from Coaches Pixie Lott,, and Danny Jones, who turned their chairs in disbelief.

The audience erupted into wild cheers as Jacob confidently engaged with them, further impressing the judges.

Following his outstanding performance, Jacob’s elation was palpable as he couldn’t contain his excitement, celebrating with the exuberance typical of a teenager.

The judges were effusive in their praise, with Pixie describing his voice as “rich” and leaving her “speechless,” while Danny expressed profound admiration for Jacob’s talent. Each coach competed fiercely to secure Jacob for their team, drawn in by his exceptional abilities.

Ultimately, Jacob made the decision to join Team Danny, thrilled by the unexpected turn of events. In an interview afterward, Jacob admitted to feeling nervous but was immensely gratified by the overwhelmingly positive response from the judges.

His remarkable audition, captured in the accompanying video, serves as a testament to his undeniable talent and promising future in the music industry. We invite you to watch and share your thoughts on Jacob’s incredible performance!

Here is the video:

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