Once more, Kanye West found himself embroiled in controversy as he was involved in an altercation with a fan…

It seems that even amidst the honeymoon glow, Kanye West is unable to simply kick back and enjoy life with his new spouse, as he once again finds himself thrust into the tumultuous world of controversy.

This time around, he’s at the epicenter of a serious scandal, having engaged in a heated altercation with a fan.

Known for his penchant for getting embroiled in dubious narratives, the renowned Hollywood figure seems to find himself in such situations at least once a month.

The latest incident unfolded just two days ago in Los Angeles, and the stakes are notably high this time, with law enforcement stepping in to intervene.

The catalyst for this latest flare-up occurred as Kanye was en route to his daughter North’s basketball game.

Spotting a stranger who was not only tailing him but also capturing footage of him on her phone, the rapper felt compelled to confront the individual.

However, his efforts to dissuade her from recording were met with defiance, as the woman asserted her right to document the celebrity encounter.

Fueled by frustration, Kanye’s patience snapped, leading him to forcibly seize and discard the phone without a second thought.

Unfortunately for Kanye, the entire altercation was captured by the woman’s companion, who promptly alerted the authorities.

Consequently, a criminal case has been opened against the musician, further amplifying the gravity of the situation.

Amidst the chaos, one can only hope that Kanye’s new spouse, who incidentally was also present at the basketball game, embraces him despite his turbulent past.

Perhaps, if such instances of unprovoked aggression persist, she might consider employing a strategy similar to Kanye’s own “forbidden trick” by simply removing his smartphone altogether, in a bid to mitigate future troubles.

Despite the recurring nature of these controversies, one can’t help but wonder if Kanye will ever find respite from the storm of scrutiny that seems to perpetually follow in his wake.

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