This woman fell in love with a homeless man and married him… Check out how their kids look now…

Emmy Abrahamson, a Swedish author, had a serendipitous encounter with her life partner, Vic Kokula, on the streets of Amsterdam.

Vic, an American struggling with homelessness and personal challenges, experienced a profound transformation after crossing paths with Emmy.

In 2006, while visiting Amsterdam, Emmy found herself seated on a bench where she met Vic, who approached her to ask for the time. Despite his unkempt appearance, Emmy was drawn to Vic’s captivating brown eyes and infectious sense of humor.

Their connection was immediate, leading them to arrange a follow-up meeting five days later at the same spot.

Vic shared his story of traveling from America to Europe, only to face financial difficulties and eventually homelessness due to unforeseen circumstances.

Despite their different backgrounds, Emmy and Vic felt a deep bond and spent an entire day together during their reunion. However, Emmy had to return to Vienna, leaving her contact information for Vic before departing.

Their relationship blossomed, culminating in a wedding held at an old castle. With Emmy’s unwavering support, Vic found employment as an electrician, and they welcomed twins, Desta and Til, into their lives.

Emmy immortalized their extraordinary love story in her book “How to Fall in Love with a Man who Lives in the Bushes,” inspired by their remarkable journey together.

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