“I wore a work of art.” Irina Shayk graced the Met Gala stage in a bridesmaid gown from the 1990s…

Irina Shayk, the illustrious 37-year-old supermodel, made waves as she graced the public eye in a captivating long white dress. However, it wasn’t just her attire that turned heads; it was her choice of footwear — a pair of flat-soled shoes.

The Met Gala, a pinnacle event in the fashion world, unfolded on May 2 in New York City, paying homage to the legendary fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away in 2019.

Known for her stunning appearances year after year, Irina Shayk once again stole the spotlight at the Costume Institute ball.

Draped in a breathtaking white floor-length gown adorned with voluminous fabric roses around the neckline, Shayk captivated photographers and onlookers alike. Opting for flat-soled shoes may have seemed unconventional, but it didn’t detract from her striking presence.

Hailing from Yemazhelinsk, Shayk wore her hair loose and accessorized with a strikingly large necklace, while her burgundy-colored eye makeup added a touch of allure.

In her blog, she expressed gratitude and honor for wearing a masterpiece by Yohji Yamamoto at the Met Gala — a dress from the archival Spring/Summer 1998 collection that left a lasting impression.

Shayk’s appearance at the Met Gala drew mixed reactions from fans. While some praised her unique and stunning outfit, others scrutinized her choice of shoes and makeup.

Nevertheless, many admired her impeccable fashion sense, with some likening her to a princess and expressing a desire to own her gown.

Reflecting on her past Met Gala ensembles, Shayk reminisced about previous years’ outfits, from revealing necklines to a bold ensemble of black leather attire last year. Her diverse fashion choices have consistently made a statement on the red carpet.

In conclusion, Irina Shayk’s appearance at the Met Gala showcased her timeless elegance and daring style, sparking a range of reactions among fans and solidifying her status as a fashion icon.

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