Four years ago, Pamela Anderson decided to forgo Botox, stating, “I feel more attractive now…”

At 56 years old, Pamela Anderson appears to have embraced a more natural approach. In recent months, the former Playboy model and Baywatch star has delighted fans by appearing at various events without makeup.

As someone who has openly acknowledged undergoing cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments in the past, Pamela Anderson has decided to steer clear of artificial enhancements.

Reflecting on her experiences with procedures like Botox and injections, she admits that they never quite yielded the desired results.

In an interview with Allure magazine, she reveals that she hasn’t pursued such treatments in over three or four years, citing her sensitive skin as a determining factor.

Recalling an unfortunate incident with a laser treatment that caused discoloration on her décolleté, Anderson explains her hesitance to engage in such procedures further. She even recounts how Botox once altered her appearance to the point where she felt like a different person.

These disappointments prompted Anderson to reevaluate her choices. She questioned why she was subjecting herself to such procedures and ultimately decided to embrace her natural appearance once again.

As she approaches her 57th birthday in 2024, Anderson expresses confidence and contentment with herself. Despite the pressures she faced in the past as a symbol of sex appeal, she now feels more sensual and comfortable in her own skin.

She believes that authenticity is key and emphasizes the beauty of being seen without the trappings of makeup or artificial enhancements.

In her view, living authentically eliminates the need for explanations, allowing one to embrace their true self without reservation.

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