This nine-year-old violin virtuoso performs Vivaldi’s “Summer” in a talent competition… Watch it here!

In recent years, the global landscape of entertainment has been significantly influenced by reality TV and music competitions, offering a platform for undiscovered talents to emerge and captivate audiences worldwide.

Among these rising stars is Soro Lavorgna, a nine-year-old violin prodigy whose remarkable talent is garnering attention and admiration.

During the finals of Prodiges, a showcase celebrating young performers with exceptional abilities in classical music, Soro delivered a breathtaking rendition of Vivaldi’s “Summer.”

Her performance, evaluated by esteemed judges including cello virtuoso Gautier and a renowned opera singer and dancer from French television, left an indelible impression on the audience.

Supervisor Capu├žon commended Soro for her extraordinary focus and determination, particularly noteworthy given her tender age.

Accompanied by the orchestra conducted by Zahia, Soro’s performance showcased her innate musicality and technical prowess, captivating both judges and viewers alike.

Despite being the youngest contestant in the competition, Soro’s dedication to her craft is evident.

Commencing her violin studies at the Cannes Conservatory at the age of four, she has diligently honed her skills through daily practice sessions, dedicating herself to mastering the intricacies of the instrument.

Although Soro did not clinch the top prize in the competition, her performance received accolades from the judges, affirming her potential for a promising career in the music industry.

While the coveted title ultimately went to 12-year-old ballet sensation Sacha, Soro’s talent and passion for music foreshadow a bright future ahead.

Here is the video:

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