Ryan Gosling took on the role in “Barbie” solely for his daughters, valuing his role as a father above all…

Ryan Gosling, celebrated at the age of 48, has been delightfully ensconced in a loving relationship with Eva Mendes for quite some time now.

While his filmography continues to feature intriguing projects, the frequency of his appearances on screen has notably diminished, leaving many of his ardent fans yearning for more.

The decision to venture into the world of “Barbie” was not solely driven by professional ambitions but was profoundly influenced by his role as a devoted father to his daughters.

Gosling’s dedication to his family has been perceptible to his admirers, who have observed a discernible shift in his priorities since embracing fatherhood.

In an interview, Gosling candidly emphasized the paramount importance he accords to his role as a father. He sees his professional endeavors not merely as a means of artistic expression but as an opportunity to share enriching experiences with his daughters.

His willingness to embark on projects like “The Gray Man” is fueled by a desire to introduce his daughters to diverse cultures and places, fostering their curiosity and broadening their horizons.

Recalling their memorable trip to France, Gosling humorously reminisced about his daughters’ simple yet profound delight in the hotel’s fruit plate, showcasing the innocence and wonder that characterize their perspective on life.

Additionally, Gosling views his portrayal of Ken in “Barbie” as a means of bridging the gap between his professional and personal worlds.

By involving his daughters in his work and portraying a character like Ken, who may not be as prominently featured as others, he aims to impart valuable life lessons and instill a sense of appreciation for every individual’s story, irrespective of its perceived significance.

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