This nurse saved the life of this newborn baby: After 33 years, she came to the aid of her son…

Canadian nurse Lissa McGowan has worked in the intensive care unit at St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick for several decades. During this time, Lissa has helped save more than one patient.

In 1987, she cared for little David Caldwell. He was born six weeks premature, so he ended up in the intensive care unit. After a few months, the baby recovered, and his parents were allowed to take David home.

As they said their goodbyes, the child’s parents asked Lissa to take a photo with the baby. Of course, she gladly agreed.

Thirty-three years have passed. Now David brought his wife to the same hospital where he was born. Now their baby was born premature, by a full ten weeks! But neither Caldwell nor McGowan recognized each other at first.

Renata, David’s wife, while looking through their children’s photo album, found an old photo. She showed it to her husband and told him that this is the same nurse who is taking care of their son Zane.

The man didn’t even believe it right away. But when he took the photo and showed it to Lissa, she confirmed Renata’s assumptions.

After that, the young parents are less afraid for the baby. After all, thanks to the efforts of David McGowan, he grew up to be a healthy man. He, Lissa, and the newborn Zane decided to recreate the old photo.

According to Renata, everything is fine with their son. He is “growing every day.” And how could it be otherwise? After all, he is protected by a true guardian angel of their family.

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