Even her fans could not recognize her because she was wearing pajamas in public…

Fans were left puzzled trying to figure out who she was!

Julia Roberts, at 55, was unexpectedly caught by paparazzi while out for a leisurely stroll, donning pajamas and a baseball cap.

Her choice of attire, more reminiscent of a young girl’s casual wear, defied her age, leaving many surprised.

In an unusual move, Roberts, known for her discomfort with public appearances and camera scrutiny, has deliberately scaled back her public outings to prioritize her personal life and family.

However, the sight of her in such relaxed attire disappointed fans.

They felt her usual glamour and charm were lost in the laid-back look, making it hard to recognize the renowned star.

Some even commented on her apparent weight loss, noting that she didn’t exude the same radiance and vibrancy as before.

Despite her age, Roberts usually maintains a polished and elegant appearance, so seeing her in such casual clothing was quite unexpected for her admirers.

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