This 77-year-old vocalist captivates the audience on “Britain’s Got Talent,” delivering an electrifying performance… Watch it here!

On the diverse stage of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ Mel Day, a 77-year-old singer, showcases his remarkable talent, emphasizing the variety of performers spanning different age groups.

With courage and passion, Mel takes on the classic Wilson Pickett song ‘Land of 1,000 Dances,’ delivering a soulful performance that captivates the judges and audience alike.

Judge Alesha Dixon is quick to commend Mel for his enduring soulful prowess, affirming, ‘When you got soul like that, it never leaves you!’ Undeterred by age, Mel responds with confidence, asserting, ‘I’ve got a lot more to give, baby!’

David Walliams contributes a touch of humor to the moment, exclaiming, ‘I want to have your baby!,’ eliciting cheerful laughter from the entertained audience.

Simon Cowell, known for his discerning judgment, momentarily shifts the atmosphere, acknowledging the exceptional nature of Mel’s talent.

He expresses disbelief that someone at the age of 77 can command the stage with such vocal prowess. In a candid moment, Mel shares his past disappointments in the pursuit of a singing career, revealing the resilience that brought him to this defining moment.

Simon, ever the pragmatist, interjects, ‘Well, you know what timing is everything,’ injecting a note of wisdom into the proceedings.

The judges prepare to cast their votes, each giving an emphatic ‘yes.’ As the anticipation builds, it comes down to Simon, who, true to his dramatic flair, adds an element of suspense to the verdict.

Here is the video:

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