These Siamese twins have been surgically separated at the age of 4 and here is what they look like today…

Both Kendra and Maria Herrin were born to Jake and Erin in February 2002, with the birth of Siamese twins evoking mixed emotions from the public. The parents express both excitement and concern as their daughters approach adulthood.

Despite both Kendra and Maria having two legs, they are constrained to using just one. However, the sisters quickly developed collaborative skills, enabling them to move and play effectively.

In 2006, Kendra and Maria gained minor celebrity status after undergoing Siamese Separation Surgery conducted by a team of 31 physicians over a day-long procedure. Following their parents’ divorce at the age of four, the sisters navigated life independently.

Adjusting to their new circumstances posed challenges, but within three years, they began attending school, occasionally opting for homeschooling. The sisters honed their creative skills, spending hours in their room humming and doodling to favorite tunes.

Consistently defying the notion of hopelessness, Kendra and Maria have become admired figures among their peers, earning the title of “school heroes.”

Both Kendra and Maria affirm that they lead successful lives, demonstrating their commitment to staying together while appreciating the comfort of familiar surroundings. Licensed drivers with commendable skills, the sisters navigate life with determination.

Kelly and Carter, the parents of conjoined twins, share a close friendship with the Herrins, offering valuable insights based on their shared life experiences. As Kelly and Carter contemplate divorce, a decision is pending. The question arises: should conjoined twins undergo separation?

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