These Siamese twins have been separated for 33 years and here is what they look like now…

Siamese twins, though rare, stand out as one of nature’s most captivating phenomena. In 1987, the Lithuanian town of Alytus lacked essential diagnostic tools when Daiva and Brunos, a young married couple, discovered they were expecting twins.

The delivery of twins, each weighing 3600 kg, proved to be a challenging experience. The two young ladies were named Vilia and Vitaly, and their younger brother Povilas arrived a year later.

Facing a difficult decision, the parents opted to separate their children in 1989. Alexander Konovalov, a Russian neurosurgeon, made history in 1989 as the first person to attempt the separation of Siamese twins.

The world anxiously watched the procedure, recognizing its potential tragic outcome.

The surgery lasted close to 24 hours, and afterward, the girls were symbolically given fruit to eat as a representation of their victory over death.

While some physical differences persisted post-operation, such as head deformations limiting certain hairstyles, these were deemed minor concerns considering the twins were granted a complete existence.

Dr. Konovalov reconnected with Vilia and Vitaly at the age of 28 on one of their favorite television shows.

It was revealed that the pair, originally from Vilnius, both held degrees in history and pursued careers in literature-related fields.

Despite not getting married, they remain close friends, having been unable to find partners resembling their devoted father, who had ensured their ability to enjoy a full life.

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