Salma Hayek has shared photos in a bikini and left all her fans astonished by her beauty…

At the age of 56, the actress now champions the trend of embracing a “new youth,” a transformation that has garnered enthusiastic comments even from iconic figures like Cindy Crawford.

Following her 56th birthday celebration in September 2022, Salma Hayek embarked on a significant style overhaul. Known for accentuating her figure with daring outfits, the star has elevated her fashion choices to an entirely new level.

Over recent months, Hayek has graced the red carpet in both daring “naked” dresses and plunging necklines, showcasing a willingness to experiment with her appearance.

Despite her glamorous public persona, the actress recently disclosed her primary beauty secret, which struck many as unconventional.

Hayek asserts that she only consults with cosmetologists before significant events, relying on home remedies for her day-to-day skincare routine.

Her routine includes washing her face with coconut water for freshness and using rose water for moisturizing.

Additionally, she incorporates powder derived from the bark of the tepetskouit tree into her creams—a remedy popular in Mexico, typically used for treating burns and effectively combating wrinkles.

Salma Hayek’s dietary choices align with a rich intake of vegetables and fruits, often incorporating detoxes with bone broth or freshly squeezed juices.

Notably, she has abstained from consuming meat for many years. The actress confessed to replacing traditional snacks with a unique choice—occasionally indulging in insect-based chips, including grasshoppers—a culinary adventure not everyone dares to undertake.

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