Jennifer Lopez, aged 53, garnered attention and showcased her remarkable physical condition at the Met Gala 2023…

On the night of May 1-2, the Met Costume Institute Gala, a significant event in the fashion world, transpired in New York.

Notably, 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez garnered attention at the Met Gala 2023, showcasing her remarkable physical fitness.

The event was dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld, leading many celebrities to opt for exclusively white dresses under the theme “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.”

However, Jennifer Lopez stood out by choosing a luxurious maxi dress from Ralph Lauren, featuring a revealing top transitioning into a forked black train, complemented by a soft pink satin hem.

Accompanying the ensemble were black sandals with a striking heel and platform, along with a noteworthy black headdress adorned with a veil.

The artist’s sleek hairstyle was accentuated by black opera gloves, aligning with the prevailing accessory trend of 2023.

Despite the captivating attire, online discussions arose questioning Lopez’s decision not to bring Ben Affleck to the event.

Speculation emerged, with some fans believing it was due to her husband’s recent revelation about her unrestricted approach to food, while others suggested she may have spared Affleck from attending an event he seemingly does not favor.

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