This man’s hight is only 110 cm and here is what his daughter looks like…

James Lasted, a renowned British actor and BBC TV presenter, stands out with his unique feature – at 33, he is only 110 centimeters tall.

Despite his distinct physical attribute, James embraced his height as a “special highlight” from childhood, displaying confidence and self-assurance throughout his life.

When he first encountered Chloe in 2014, James immediately thought, “She will be my wife!” Their relationship blossomed after a whimsical and memorable first date, marked by humor and smiles.

During that initial date in a café, the waiter mistook James for a child due to his 60-centimeter height difference with Chloe. This amusing incident strengthened their connection, and shortly after, they officially became a couple.

In the summer of 2016, Chloe and James legalized their union in a unique wedding that garnered significant attention from celebrities and the media.

Their joy multiplied in 2018 when they learned about the forthcoming addition to their family. With meticulous preparation, Chloe and James welcomed their daughter, Olivia, into the world in February 2019.

Contrary to her father’s stature, Olivia was born perfectly healthy. Now at two years old, she enjoys quality time with her parents, exploring the world through walks and travels.

James, confident in Olivia’s potential, frequently brings her to his work, envisioning a future as a great actress for her.

Olivia has adapted to cameras and developed a love for being photographed, suggesting a promising and joyful future for the unique family.

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