Simon Cowell praises this 21-year-old Irish plumber, saying he has the best singing voice ever…

Brendan Murray recently participated in The X Factor UK, aspiring to secure one of the coveted six chairs in the show’s “six chair challenge.”

Taking the stage, he conveyed his aspiration and passion for music to the judges, who extended their best wishes. Facing fellow contestants already seated, Brendan commenced his rendition of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.”

His vocal performance left both judges and contestants in awe, sparking discussions among the latter about his remarkable talent.

As Brendan reached the song’s high notes, a palpable realization set in among his competitors that one of them would soon vacate a seat on the stage.

Brendan’s rendition carried such intensity that it effectively conveyed both his personal emotions and the intended sentiments of the song’s writer.

The audience and judges, captivated by his performance, spontaneously rose to their feet, offering a standing ovation. Concluding the song, Brendan, visibly moved, assumed a squatting position on the stage.

Simon Cowell differentiated Brendan from the other contestants, recognizing his distinct category. Another judge approached Brendan, expressing a desire to converse before advancing him to the next round by pressing the button.

Brendan’s elation was evident, and anticipation built among those eager to witness the encore of this remarkable performer.

Here is the video:

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