Anne Hathaway hates it when people call her by her real name, Anne, and here is why…

Anne Hathaway, celebrated for her iconic roles in films like The Princess Diaries and Les Misérables, has cultivated a remarkable career in Hollywood.

While her cinematic accomplishments, including an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Les Misérables, have solidified her status, there is an intriguing aspect to her personal preferences – her name.

The acclaimed actor, known for her dislike of being called Anne, associates the name with her mother’s stern moments. Hathaway humorously revealed that her mother exclusively uses “Anne” when truly upset.

This aversion extends to public situations, where she anticipates being scolded whenever someone calls her by her full name.

In a candid interview on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Hathaway expressed her preference for the name “Annie.” She emphasized that colleagues on film sets creatively find alternatives, acknowledging the discomfort many feel using the name Anne.

While people affectionately refer to her as ‘Miss H’ or ‘Hath,’ the actor humorously declared, “Call me anything but Anne.”

Despite this, Hathaway, who began her acting journey at a young age, shared that she wasn’t aware she could change her stage name.

Reflecting on a moment at 14 when asked to choose a name for her SAG card, she opted for her real name, unaware of the lifelong association with “Anne” it would create. Despite her occasional dismay with the name, Hathaway hasn’t taken measures to change it officially.

As Hathaway continues her illustrious career with projects like Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, her candid insights into the peculiar relationship with her name add a distinctive layer to her Hollywood narrative.

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