This 2-year-old kid achieves a remarkable IQ of 146, making history…

A vast majority of individuals, approximately 68% of the population, possess an IQ ranging from 85 to 115, with the average IQ in the United States hovering around 98.

However, a small percentage falls into the categories of very low IQ (below 70) or very high IQ (above 130). Extraordinary minds like Albert Einstein exhibited a remarkable IQ of 160.

Breaking barriers and challenging preconceptions about age and potential, a 2-year-old African girl, Kashe Quest, from California, has made history by achieving a super-high IQ of 146.

Kashe has become the youngest American member of Mensa, the prestigious and oldest IQ society.

Kashe’s exceptional abilities were evident from a young age, as she demonstrated advanced knowledge and intelligence at just 18 months.

By that time, she had already mastered the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and could articulate complete sentences.

Despite Kashe’s remarkable intellect, her mother, Sukhjit Athwal, prioritized allowing her daughter to enjoy her toddler years and discover her passions organically.

Sukhjit, an expert in child development, chose not to enforce a structured study routine, opting instead to guide Kashe based on her natural curiosity.

Kashe’s knowledge surpasses that of many adults, as she memorized the periodic table, the 50 states by shape and location, and even learned the Spanish languageā€”all by the age of two.

Impressively, she is well ahead of her peers in classes where they are still learning basic concepts, showcasing a diverse range of skills, including proficiency in sign language with knowledge of over 50 signs.

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