This young girl with “unbrushed hair syndrome” has grown up and here is what she looks like now…

Sheila Calvert-Yin, a 10-year-old residing in the bustling metropolis of Melbourne, has a unique perspective on life as she lives with unbrushed hair syndrome.

In a world where many of us may find ourselves complaining about trivial aspects like our morning appearance or hairstyle, Sheila’s distinctive condition sets her apart.

Unbrushed hair syndrome, a rare condition affecting approximately 100 people worldwide, results in a hair structure that defies conventional combing.

Sheila’s blonde hair, curly, tangled, and inherently unruly, remains a testament to her individuality, with strands often rebelliously sticking out in different directions.

This peculiar syndrome typically manifests in early childhood, causing the affected hair to take on silvery or straw-colored hues.

In Sheila’s case, her journey with unbrushed hair began when, at three months old, blonde “needles” started emerging, eventually replacing the initial dark hair.

Intriguingly, these “needles” grew at right angles to her head, gradually becoming lighter over time.

Despite being a hereditary condition, none of Sheila’s family members had experienced unbrushed hair syndrome before her birth.

The family only became aware of this unique challenge when Sheila came into the world, and since then, they have embraced her distinctive identity with love and acceptance.

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