This famous actor from the 80s is now much older and people do not recognize him…

Mickey Rourke, remembered by many fans for his roles in “Rumble Fish” and “Nine and a Half Weeks,” was once a popular figure, captivating audiences with his artistry, charisma, and unique features.

Despite not conforming to conventional standards of beauty, he amassed a devoted following worldwide.

In the early 2000s, unwilling to bid farewell to his youth, Mickey Rourke embraced plastic surgery, bringing about a significant transformation in his appearance.

The charming facial features of yesteryears were nearly erased, replaced by the evident effects of Botox and braces.

Despite controversies and numerous high-profile scandals, Mickey Rourke continued to be a beloved actor. With multiple Golden Globe and BAFTA victories and an Oscar nomination, he remains a respected figure in Hollywood.

Now at the age of 70, the actor continues to grace the silver screen and indulges in his favorite pastime—attending a boxing club.

Recently photographed on the streets of West Hollywood, Mickey presented a less-than-flattering image.

Clad in a light gray T-shirt with mysterious yellow stains on the shoulder and gray sweatpants adorned with brown spots, Rourke concealed his disheveled hair beneath a cream-colored cowboy hat, inexplicably keeping his hand in his trousers.

Comments on the photo highlighted observations that the actor appeared unkempt, seemingly neglecting his appearance and looking even older following what seemed to be unsuccessful surgical procedures.

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