These adorable triplets are older now and here is what they look like now…

Nestled in the heart of the Australian city of Adelaide, a remarkable family is thriving, comprising six children, ranging from the eldest son to a set of twins and triplets.

At the helm of this bustling household is Lucia Stykova, a talented photographer whose creative pursuits have a deeper purpose – to convey the profound journey of giving birth and nurturing triplets to the world.

Lucia’s photographic works are not merely aesthetically pleasing but also carry a soulful essence. Each image captures the essence of motherhood and the unique experience of raising triplets. These visual narratives promise to be cherished memories for her daughters as they grow older.

Stykova regards her triplets as a divine blessing, a sentiment that adds a layer of gratitude to the complexities of parenting three children born simultaneously.

Despite the inevitable challenges and periodic difficulties that accompany the task of raising triplets, this resilient family remains a bastion of love and unity.

The unbreakable bonds between family members are evident, irrespective of the hurdles they face. Lucia fondly reminisces about the momentous news of expecting three daughters, a joyous occasion made even more special as it balanced out the trio of sons already present in the family.

Inspired by the impending arrival of the triplets, Stykova embarked on her photographic journey. The chronicles of her babies’ growth are now beautifully documented in a collection of captivating images.

These snapshots serve as a testament to the profound meaning that triplets hold in her life, encapsulating the joys, challenges, and the boundless love that defines their family dynamic.

May this expansive and beautiful family continue to be a haven of happiness and good health, as they navigate the intricate tapestry of parenthood and siblinghood.

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