This single dad has raised and adopted a total of 33 children—here’s an update on their lives…

Thomas Lamont, a compassionate and dedicated individual, has been immersed in the world of adoption for an impressive 19 years, during which he has successfully nurtured and raised an astounding 30 children.

Recently, his altruistic journey took a poignant turn as he expanded his family by adopting five siblings, all under the age of five, bringing the total number of children under his caring wing to 12.

Residing in Buffalo, Thomas Lamont couldn’t contain his emotions as he stood before a judge with the five newly adopted children.

The integration of these siblings into his home has been a heartfelt endeavor, marked by the genuine effort to provide them with a nurturing environment.

The Lamont household is a blend of biological and adopted children, including his own two kids, Lamonica and Anthony, alongside the ten he has welcomed through adoption.

This remarkable story of single fatherhood traces its roots back to the year 2000 when Thomas embarked on his fostering journey, initially assisting a friend and later obtaining the necessary qualifications to become a foster parent.

Among the older adoptees is Michael, now 27, who fondly recalls Thomas’s unwavering commitment to his children.

The single father’s home became a pivotal and supportive space for Michael, who emphasizes that everyone was treated equally and with love. Michael acknowledges that without Thomas, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

After a period of pausing his fostering efforts, Thomas felt a calling to resume when he learned about five siblings searching for a family. Having previously raised their father, Thomas couldn’t bear the thought of these siblings being separated.

Determined to keep the family together, he chose to “come out of retirement” and provide a loving home for these children who had been apart for over a year and a half. Thomas Lamont’s story is a testament to the enduring spirit of compassion, love, and family.

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