This Australian woman gave birth to a baby weighing 6 kg, making it one of the largest babies in the world…

This baby is Lucas, a remarkable newborn in Australia, weighing an impressive 5.9 kg. Despite his substantial size, he entered the world swiftly and smoothly.

Lucas is the second child of his mother, Nina Tassell, who had given birth to her first child just a year ago.

Nina, aged 38, shared that her son’s arrival was so rapid that they couldn’t reach the hospital in time.

While en route to St John of God Hospital with her husband Adam, she sensed the imminent birth. In transit, she realized the baby was ready to make an entrance.

In an unexpected turn of events, Lucas chose to make his debut right in the front seat of the car. Adam, both caring and bewildered, had to navigate through traffic straight to the delivery.

The heartwarming part of this narrative unfolds as Nina’s sister, Sonia Anson, had thoughtfully arranged everything necessary for this momentous day. However, when Nina altered their plans, Sonia skillfully guided her through the process over the phone.

This impromptu guidance allowed Nina to give birth to Lucas on the spot, even before medical assistance arrived.

Given the significant weight of nearly 6 kg, which is considered a serious case, Lucas’s arrival defied potential risks associated with such childbirth.

Thankfully, the baby was born healthy and is thriving.

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