On their wedding day, this man gave his bride a special surprise…

Cynthia Bonfante Pereira, a Brazilian speech therapist specializing in working with children with Down syndrome, has dedicated herself to helping these children develop their language and communication skills.

Her work is demanding, yet her deep love for children makes it a fulfilling journey.

Recently, a significant and joyous event unfolded in Pereira’s life—she got married. The wedding became an extraordinary moment for her to share with loved ones, and the couple extended invitations to family, friends, and colleagues.

José Vitor Flach, Cynthia’s groom, recognized the absence of someone special at their wedding.

In a heartwarming surprise for his bride, José secretly reached out to the parents of the children Pereira works with and invited them to be a part of the celebration.

As Cynthia and José stood in the church, the doors behind them swung open, revealing a touching sight. A group of Pereira’s patients, four radiant girls and three boys, walked down the aisle toward the bride and groom.

The girls wore beautiful white dresses, and the boys were adorned in stylish bow ties.

Two little ones driving a small electric car stole the show, capturing everyone’s hearts. Cynthia, moved to tears, and José, struggling to contain his emotions, were profoundly touched by the gesture.

The eldest child among the group had the honor of presenting the wedding rings to the newlyweds, making the occasion even more special.

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