This lady secures a $145 million lottery win and contributes several millions to do this…

Frances Connolly, a 55-year-old resident of Hartlepool in County Durham, along with her husband, Patrick, struck it rich by winning a substantial £115 million ($145 million) in 2019.

Despite initially agreeing with her husband to spread out the charitable donations over a decade, Frances diverged from their budget and contributed a generous £11 million ($14 million) to various causes and strangers.

The former teacher and social worker, driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact, ended up giving away more than half of their EuroMillions jackpot.

Although overspending became a source of disagreement with her husband, Frances felt compelled to continue assisting people, stating, “I can change people’s lives. I’m addicted to it.”

Facing inquiries about coping with such a substantial amount of money, Frances admitted, “I never did.” The funds were not even at the bank for two days.

Despite a charity budget intended to last until 2032, it was depleted within six months. Yet, for Frances, the joy derived from having the money came from the ability to help others whenever she saw fit.

She confessed that the excitement of spending money and time on others surpassed the satisfaction of owning a $2.5 million house and an Aston Martin.

Frances engaged in various philanthropic activities, including purchasing a $63,000 caravan for young carers, establishing “Local Heroes” awards, and aiding retirees in connecting with their loved ones through tablet donations.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple donated pajamas and laptops to hospitals.

Frances firmly believed in using her wealth to do good in the world, stating, “It makes no sense to me to have that kind of money and not use it to do good in the world.”

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