Putri Ariani gets the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell thanks to her astonishing voice…

In the latest episode of “America’s Got Talent,” the spotlight shone on the remarkable talents of 17-year-old Putri Ariani from Indonesia.

Her vocal prowess resonated like an angel’s, capturing the attention of everyone in the audience.

Notably impressed, Simon Cowell, the executive producer, and judge, couldn’t resist stepping onto the stage to request a second song from Putri.

As the 18th season unfolds, a new wave of aspiring performers has taken the stage, all eager to compete for the coveted $1 million prize.

The judging panel is once again graced by the presence of Simon Cowell, joined by the glamorous Heidi Klum, the comedic genius Howie Mandel, and the internationally acclaimed actress Sofia Vergara.

Guiding the contestants through their incredible journeys is the dynamic and entertaining host, Terry Crews.

With the promise of delivering some of the most extraordinary and wild acts ever witnessed on the “AGT” stage, this season is poised to captivate audiences and showcase exceptional talents from around the globe.

Here is the video:

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