Heidi Klum shared photos with her 19-year-old daughter… Here is what she looks like…

On May 4th, Leni celebrated her 19th birthday with a day off planned by her mother, Heidi Klum. The duo spent time shopping on Manhattan’s west side, both opting for a stylish look.

Heidi, the 49-year-old supermodel, wore a black T-shirt, velour jacket, and beige caracool hat, while Leni donned a black sweatshirt and a leather jacket, both accessorized with dark glasses.

Heidi shared a snapshot with her daughter on a bustling New York City street, capturing a content and relaxed moment. To mark the occasion, Heidi allowed Leni to temporarily break the ban on alcohol until adulthood.

They enjoyed a plastic cup of champagne-like drinks in celebration of “Leni Klum Day,” as Heidi referred to it in her social media post.

Upon returning home, a birthday cake with Leni’s initials awaited her. Changing into a more festive costume, Leni wore a white jumpsuit with exposed shoulders and posed with pink balloons at the holiday table.

Leni is Heidi Klum’s child with Italian tycoon Flavio Briatore, and despite ending her relationship with Leni’s father before her birth, Heidi has a close bond with her eldest daughter.

The two have collaborated on various fashion photos, with Leni recently joining Heidi as the face of the Intimissimi brand’s ad.

While the mother-daughter duo’s fashion photoshoots have stirred controversy, Leni remains unresponsive to criticism and considers it an honor to work alongside her talented mother on the same platform.

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