This young woman had so many surgeries that she is completely unrecognizable now… Check out how she used to look before…

Anastasia, a model and blogger, has garnered attention for her conspicuously wide cheeks, which were highlighted in photos from her now-inactive Instagram account.

In these images, she is seen in vibrant shorts and a cropped sports bra, showcasing her unaltered features and lighter hair color before any cosmetic procedures.

The most noticeable change after undergoing lip augmentation is the fuller appearance of her lips.

Referred to as “the world’s largest cheeks” by the media, Anastasia achieved her distinctive look by daily injections of filler into her cheekbones, resulting in an exceptionally exaggerated size.

The central figure in this narrative has undergone a comprehensive range of cosmetic enhancements, including liposuction, dental veneers, and Botox injections to address her forehead and facial muscles.

She documented the addition of fresh filler to her face in April, sharing the results with her audience. The blogger also mentioned attempting the treatment independently through online cosmetology courses in the past.

Despite these alterations, she emphasized feeling confident and content with her appearance.

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