Miley Cyrus’ sister has been seen walking around Paris covering her chest with just a chain…

Miley Cyrus, known as the “queen of naked outfits,” has a younger sister, 23-year-old Noah, who is keeping up with her flamboyant sibling.

Noah gained popularity at an early age, making appearances on TV shows with her father, renowned country musician Bill Ray Cyrus, starting at the age of two.

She also had episodic roles in her older sister Miley Cyrus’s project, “Hannah Montana.”

While it seemed that Noah Cyrus might follow a career in acting, her passion led her towards music. By the age of 17, she had released successful singles that even made it onto the charts.

Noah inherited excellent vocal abilities from her father and sister, both of whom also shifted away from acting.

Apart from their musical talents, Noah shares a resemblance to her sister Miley. Both sisters have a shared love for fashion, often raising questions from the public due to their bold styles.

During the annual Paris Fashion Week, Noah Cyrus made a striking appearance in an elegant tight dress with a deep neckline, leaving her chest entirely exposed.

To maintain a balance and avoid appearing entirely provocative, she covered her nipples with a large black chain, revealing more than necessary.

Noah completed the look with a unique touch – the absence of eyebrows, lightening her face in advance. However, this choice gave her a somewhat haunting and unhealthy appearance with emphasized cheekbones.

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