This young cowboy’s dream takes an unexpected turn when his hero pays him a surprise visit…

As part of a school project in Las Vegas, two young boys shared their aspiration to become professional bull riders. FOX5 got wind of their dreams and dispatched the FOX5 Surprise Squad to their homes to help turn their aspirations into reality.

Jay Kellogg and his sister Jet harbored dreams of mastering bull riding from a young age, seeking the thrill and adrenaline rush even in the absence of organized sports. Their father’s expertise as a skilled bull rider fueled their passion for the activity.

Young Jayce, expressing his desire to follow in his late father’s footsteps, wrote a heartfelt message in a book. Proudly donning his father’s Texas-style hat, he exemplified the family’s connection to bull riding.

In a collaboration between PBR and Fox Five News, two young PBR enthusiasts were in for a remarkable surprise.

Upon learning about Jesse and Jet, the FOX5 Surprise Squad felt compelled to create a special and memorable experience for the boys. Unannounced, they arrived at their homes for a heartwarming and surprising interview.

The FOX5 Surprise Squad, along with the PBR group, orchestrated the delivery of three renowned bulls to the boys’ driveway.

The sheer astonishment on their faces was evident when they noticed an unexpected guest – none other than J.B. Mauney, the famed bull rider. The boys shared their deep admiration for Mauney, comparing him to their father and expressing why they loved bull riding.

Mauney, acknowledging the significance of the moment, gifted the young enthusiasts PBR tickets. The surprise continued as they were invited to attend a PBR show that evening and witness Jamie, one of the bulls, being driven to a vast field. It was undeniably a fantastic and joyous day for the two boys.

The resilience and creativity of the boys’ grandparents played a crucial role in supporting their dreams. According to their grandmother, she recognizes the unique ways in which God takes care of children, ensuring their father’s presence and joy in their achievements.

Here is the video:

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