This premature baby became the most anticipated guest at the parents’ wedding and here is how…

This heartwarming tale traces back to Japan, where the love story of Rubia Ferreira and Tyler Campbell unfolded. Despite Tyler’s role as a military engineer in the Marine Corps with no immediate plans to return to the United States, their lives took an unexpected turn when they learned they were expecting a child in February 2018.

Eager to share the news with Tyler’s family in America before their daughter’s arrival, they initially planned to return to Japan to tie the knot after the birth.

However, the course of their journey changed dramatically a few weeks before their flight to the United States. Despite assurances from Rubia’s doctor that everything was well with the baby and that the expectant mother was fit for travel, upon landing in Alabama, Rubia experienced intense stomach pain.

A visit to the hospital unveiled the diagnosis of HELLP syndrome, a dangerous liver condition threatening both Rubia and her unborn child.

Doctors urgently recommended a C-section, and on November 8, 2017, at just 25 weeks, their daughter Kelin made an early entrance into the world, weighing only about 400 grams and measuring 18 centimeters in height.

The intended return to Japan was abruptly canceled as Kelin required several months in the neonatal intensive care unit. In light of these unforeseen circumstances, Rubia and Tyler decided to postpone their wedding plans until a more opportune time.

The turning point came when they stumbled upon a heartwarming video on the internet featuring a couple who exchanged vows in a hospital.

Intrigued by the idea, Rubia and Tyler approached the hospital authorities, hoping for a chapel at best. To their surprise, the hospital granted them permission to hold the ceremony right in their daughter Kelin’s room.

The necessary preparations took two weeks, and on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, the neonatologist overseeing Kelin led Rubia down the hospital hallway to her eagerly waiting fiancĂ©.

Tyler later admitted, “At that point, I forgot we were in the hospital.” The priest conducted the ceremony right above their daughter’s incubator, making it a moment to cherish.

Now, with their vows exchanged, Rubia and Tyler patiently await the day when Kelin grows strong enough to join them in celebrating their wedding, marking the culmination of a remarkable journey of love, resilience, and unexpected joy.

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