She’s already 19! How does the sole daughter of singer Nelly Furtado appear now?

The only child of the renowned star has officially entered adulthood, marking Nevis’s 20th birthday this year.

Nelly Furtado, a two-time wife, first entered matrimony with musician Jasper Gahania.

The union lasted four years and blessed them with a beautiful daughter named Nevis, a moniker inspired by the Caribbean island where the couple had created fond memories during vacations.

Unfortunately, the marriage concluded shortly after the arrival of their daughter.

Adapting to the role of a single parent, Furtado took on the responsibility of raising Nevis, who frequently accompanied her mother on musical tours, growing up surrounded by the melodies of the entertainment world.

As Nevis approaches adulthood, she has transitioned into an independent life, a facet that she chooses to keep relatively private.

Nelly Furtado, strengthened by the experience of solo parenting, once described herself as “made of steel” in the mid-2000s.

Recalling her early years as a mother, Furtado shared anecdotes of taking her young daughter on tour buses, providing her with a dedicated space to play with toys.

In 2008, Furtado found love again and married Cuban-born sound engineer Demasio Castellón. Their union endured for over eight years before eventually parting ways.

The couple chose to keep much of their family life out of the public eye, allowing their children to maintain a low profile. Furtado’s journey as a mother reflects both the challenges and joys of navigating parenthood in the public eye.

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