Rio Ferdinand says, “I’ve never seen her eat,” referring to Victoria Beckham’s strict diet…

Victoria Beckham is known for meticulously overseeing her appearance through regular exercise and a conscientious approach to her diet.

Rio Ferdinand, a colleague and friend of David Beckham, recently discussed Victoria’s extremely strict dietary habits during an interview on the Kyle & Jackie O radio show.

According to Ferdinand, he has never witnessed Victoria eating anything, emphasizing that his memory is typically excellent.

David Beckham, Victoria’s husband, has previously commented on her dietary preferences, describing them as extreme and expressing that he has never encountered a more boring person when it comes to food.

Beckham mentioned that since meeting Victoria 25 years ago, she has consistently stuck to a diet centered around fried fish and steamed vegetables, rarely deviating from this routine.

When asked about Victoria’s likability, Ferdinand agreed that she is a pleasant person, although he couldn’t recall a specific instance of seeing her eat.

Victoria herself acknowledges her adherence to rather radical nutritional rules, stating that she tends to take everything to the extreme.

She follows a disciplined approach to eating, prioritizing healthy fats such as avocados, fish, and nuts. Additionally, she engages in frequent detoxes as part of her commitment to maintaining her health and fitness.

Beckham often undergoes dual training sessions, exercising both in the early morning and evening, showcasing her dedication to a comprehensive wellness regimen.

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