This anxious teenage final contestant performs amazingly but becomes emotional while waiting for Simon’s feedback…

The impact of Simon Cowell and his various ventures on the contemporary entertainment landscape is a compelling subject for contemplation.

Notably, The X Factor, originating in Britain, has emerged as a transformative platform that propelled bands such as One Direction and Little Mix to remarkable popularity.

Serving as a gateway to substantial success, the show demands performers to give their best to achieve recognition and acclaim.

One such ambitious participant was Olivia Garcia, who took the stage in 2016 with aspirations as vast as her talent. However, her performance was not without its challenges.

Before even starting to sing, Olivia grappled with intense nervousness, a spectacle that bewildered the judges.

The limited number of seats available for contestants intensified her anxiety, with a particular focus on earning Simon Cowell’s approval. Olivia’s primary motive was to leave a lasting impression on the discerning judge.

As she commenced her performance, Olivia not only overcame her initial nervousness but also captivated both the audience and the judges. Despite the pressure and limited slots, she delivered a compelling performance that left a lasting impact.

The difficulty Simon Cowell faced in selecting the top six singers was evident from the expression on his face. For the complete video, watch below, and feel free to share your thoughts with us in the Facebook comments!

Here is the video:

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