This 10-year-old shocks the audience with a rock ‘n’ roll performance… Watch it here!

When Joseph Sheppard took the stage on Britain’s Got Talent, he didn’t just bring his guitar and a leather jacket – he brought an electrifying dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

The initial glimpse we had of Joseph revealed a young performer who, in a moment of pre-performance nerves, let loose with a spirited dance backstage.

While he hinted at a musical performance, the full scope of his talent was unveiled when he returned, armed with his guitar and donned in a stylish leather jacket.

With an infectious energy, Joseph delivered a stellar performance of Chuck Berry’s classic ‘Johnny B Goode.’ The judges, particularly David, were quick to acknowledge the exceptional talent on display.

David praised Joseph’s ability to sing and play the guitar simultaneously, predicting that this small yet immensely skilled performer was destined for stardom. Even the discerning Simon Cowell was impressed, offering Joseph two likes for his outstanding act.

Joseph’s surprise performance earned him accolades from the judges, who commended his impressive guitar skills, vibrant stage presence, and undeniable vocal talent.

The judges unanimously gave him four yes votes, propelling him to the next round of the competition.

As Joseph moves forward in Britain’s Got Talent, there is palpable anticipation to witness the continued unfolding of this young rock and roll sensation’s journey on the show.

Here is the video:

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