This boy sings for his younger brother which deeply moved their parents… Watch it here!

The addition of a new family member is a momentous occasion filled with both emotion and excitement, and this sentiment is beautifully exemplified by the endearing relationship between two brothers.

Rayce, a 6-year-old, has welcomed his younger sibling, Tripp, who happens to have Down syndrome, with an abundance of love and care.

Tripp encountered challenges during his initial weeks, requiring critical care, but Rayce remained a constant presence by his side, offering solace and companionship.

Beyond Tripp, Rayce is part of a larger family with three additional younger siblings. However, it’s the unique and close bond he shares with Tripp that stands out.

In a heartwarming display of affection, Rayce serenades Tripp with a comforting song every day, underscoring the special connection they share as siblings.

Rayce’s genuine and heartfelt singing garnered widespread attention when their mother, Nicole, shared a recording on Facebook.

The video quickly went viral, touching the hearts of viewers who were moved by the extraordinary love and bond between these two brothers.

Here is the video:

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