Judges rise and groove to this adorable young boy’s rendition of an Elvis song… Watch it here!

Lissandro Formica, affectionately known as “Elvissandro,” developed a deep passion for music at the tender age of five, all thanks to his father’s introduction to the legendary Elvis Presley.

This early exposure set the stage for Lissandro’s musical journey.

When he took the stage on The Voice Kids France, the young prodigy was armed with the intention to serenade the audience with one of Elvis Presley’s timeless melodies.

The freedom to choose from Elvis’s extensive catalog allowed Lissandro to showcase his musical versatility.

His performance left the judges captivated, each of them swiveling around in their seats to express their admiration for the young artist’s remarkable charm and undeniable talent.

Witnessing such confidence and skill in someone of his age was truly remarkable.

As Lissandro embarks on his musical journey, there is eager anticipation for his future endeavors in the next decade.

Many hope that he will pursue a career in music, where his untapped Elvis-esque potential can be fully unleashed and appreciated by audiences worldwide.

The world eagerly awaits the promising musical path that lies ahead for this young and talented artist.

Here is the video:

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