This young single woman adopted six sisters in need of a loving family… Check out how their life turned out…

Lacey Dunkin, a compassionate 32-year-old residing in Fresno, California, opened both her heart and home several years ago to embrace six sisters in dire need of a loving family.

These sisters, Sophia (9 years old), the twins Natalie and Melanie (7 years old), Kaylee (6 years old), Leah (4 years old), and Cecily (2 years old), have become the very treasures that fill Lacey’s life with immense happiness and joy.

Expressing her sentiments to People, Lacey conveyed, “They bring me so much happiness and joy that without them, my life would be so dull and monotonous.” Lacey made it her utmost priority to ensure that these sisters remained together.

Her journey into motherhood began in July 2013 when Lacey adopted five of the six sisters after providing them with nearly a year of nurturing as a foster parent.

Additionally, she extended her efforts to welcome the youngest member, Cecily, who became part of the family upon her birth.

The official adoption celebration for Cecily took place in March 2015, marking a poignant moment in their lives. Lacey, although never inclined towards marriage, always harbored the desire to be a mother.

When a social worker presented her with the opportunity to foster all five children simultaneously, Lacey couldn’t resist and wholeheartedly embraced the challenge.

Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, she remarked, “I couldn’t fathom that these kids would be in my care.”

The Dunkin family wholeheartedly embraced the girls, with Lacey’s parents, Jeri and Ronnie Dunkin, providing unwavering support.

Geri, Lacey’s grandmother, shared with People that the girls adore their mother, and Lacey consistently finds ways to offer assistance. “I wouldn’t trade my treasures for anything. I feel honored to be their mother,” expressed Lacey.

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