Ledenev twins have overcome a severe battle with anorexia and here is what they look like now…

A few years ago, a concerned mother reached out to a prominent TV show seeking assistance for her two daughters, Daria and Maria, who were grappling with issues of self-acceptance at the age of 14.

In an effort to boost their confidence, the mother enrolled them in a modeling agency. However, what followed was an unexpected and distressing turn of events.

The modeling agency’s instructors, with a narrow focus on appearance standards, pressured the girls to lose weight to fit into the industry’s mold.

Fueled by their dreams of a modeling career, Daria and Maria embraced extreme dietary restrictions, resulting in a rapid loss of 12-15 kg.

Recognizing the alarming toll this was taking on her daughters’ well-being, their mother intervened and sought professional help to guide them through this challenging phase.

Under the guidance of specialists, Daria and Maria successfully regained a healthy weight in a relatively short period.

Today, these captivating blue-eyed sisters approach their modeling careers with a newfound perspective and a balanced mindset.

Their dedication to modeling hasn’t hindered their academic achievements, as both girls graduated from school with honors, showcasing resilience and a commitment to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

This transformative journey serves as a testament to the importance of self-acceptance and the potential pitfalls that can accompany the pursuit of external standards in the competitive world of modeling.

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