Katy mentioned that she had been storing clothes in a designated place for her child…

Katy Perry has shared her future plans for her daughter, expressing her desire to carefully preserve her extensive wardrobe for Daisy.

In a recent interview, the 37-year-old singer revealed her intention to offer Daisy a diverse range of outfits, spanning from glamorous red carpet dresses to playful costumes.

Katy emphasized that all these carefully curated pieces are currently housed in a warehouse, awaiting the day when they’ll become part of Daisy’s fashion journey.

During the interview, Katy discussed the joy she finds in selecting outfits for her daughter and mentioned her awareness that this phase of actively choosing Daisy’s wardrobe may not last indefinitely.

Despite the uncertainty of its duration, she expressed her enjoyment of the process, savoring each moment while she can actively contribute to her daughter’s evolving style.

Katy has already noticed Daisy’s early fascination with fashion and imaginative play. Daisy has access to a variety of her parents’ shoes, and Katy, who herself has an extensive shoe collection due to her involvement in designing them, takes pleasure in assisting with the shoe selection process.

Daisy, in turn, revels in sliding around the house in the chosen pairs, occasionally stepping into different roles, including playful imitations of her dad. The whole scenario, Katy describes, is undeniably adorable.

When discussing the profound impact Daisy has had on her life, Katy consistently refers to her daughter as a “muse.” This term reflects how Daisy serves as a continual source of inspiration, especially in Katy’s creative endeavors such as designing shoes.

For Katy, Daisy is not only the epitome of creativity but also the central figure in her universe. Expressing deep gratitude, Katy stated, “I really appreciate it, and she truly is my gift.”

The profound connection between mother and daughter transcends the realm of fashion, forming a heartfelt bond that influences Katy’s artistry and daily life.

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