Each year, on the same day, these three grandmas gather to celebrate their birthdays…

Three lifelong friends, who have shared the journey of a century, recently celebrated their 100th birthdays, marking a truly remarkable and joyous occasion.

Born in Auburn, Maine, in 1919, these friends have not only witnessed the passage of time but have also embodied the resilience and strength that comes with living through a century.

The world into which they were born was vastly different, with a mere 1.9% chance for a girl born in 1919 to reach the remarkable milestone of 100 years.

Dot Murray, one of the three friends, carries vivid memories of the challenging years marked by the global economic depression of 1929-1930. Reflecting on those times, Murray remarked, “Times were tough, but we got through it.”

Despite the challenges, the three friends have maintained their unique personalities and interests. From a love of reading and music to the shared joy of singing together as a group, their bond goes beyond the passage of time.

Approaching their centennial celebration, Murray expressed contentment, saying, “I have no aches. I keep fulfilling all my dreams as I always do.” This positive outlook on life is a testament to their resilience and the power of a strong friendship.

A century later, these friends, who have weathered the storms of life together, have valuable advice to offer. They hope that people take the time to address global issues like climate change.

Murray, in particular, encourages listeners to embrace acceptance and tolerance, urging others to accept individuals as they are.

Their ultimate piece of wisdom, delivered with simplicity and profundity, is a universal truth: “Love one another, dear ones.”

In a world filled with complexities, these friends emphasize that there is nothing more crucial than love and kindness. Their celebration of a century serves as a living testament to the enduring power of friendship and the wisdom gained through a lifetime of experiences.

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